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Consoling text message for my rejections

More often than not, most medics do not make it the first time they apply, particularly when applying as a mature student. In the days that rejections from medical schools prompt you to easily despair when it comes to seeing yourself … Continue reading

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Why medical practice is the will of God

Ecclesiasticus 38:1-4,6-10,12-14 Honour physicians for their services,      for the Lord created them; for their gift of healing comes from the Most High,      and they are rewarded by the king. The skill of physicians makes them distinguished, … Continue reading

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Premature baby

In every discussion involving premature babies, who are on the very edge of life, it is mandatory to start with the abortion laws. In UK, the upper time limit for abortion was reduced from 28 weeks to 24 weeks because … Continue reading

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Review: “The Constant Gardener”

Considering the fact that no drug company does something for nothing, could the unethical drug trials portrayed, for instance, in Fernando Miereles’s political thriller, The Constant Gardener, could actually happen nowadays? I came to understand the source novel by John le … Continue reading

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