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A vaccine that can kill cancer

Can you imagine how long the average life expectancy would be if cancer were ever eradicated the way polio and smallpox have been? It’s amazing to think about what doctors might be able to achieve in our lifetime. Scientists have … Continue reading

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Prostate cancer and what it is

It would be a surprise to most of us to come to understand that prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, but funny enough most men do not know where the prostate region in our body is found. As … Continue reading

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How do cancer cells arise

The concepts behind ‘how do cancer cells arise’ have been taken from Professor Jane Plant’s famous book, Prostate Cancer – understand, prevent and overcome, as I had loved it the first time I read it in 2009  and thought it … Continue reading

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Testicular cancer and its implications

More often than not, we have seen and heard about most cancer types – from breast cancer to cervical and lung cancers – yet when it comes to testicular cancers most of us do not know its existence for the … Continue reading

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