Medicine is one of the most competitive higher education courses to get into in the UK. Most applicants would not manage to get a place in their first attempt. In fact, rejection from medical schools might be the reason to genuinely assess our credentials and suitability to the profession and to further spur us to success.

LifeAsaMedic is a blog dedicated to equip more mature students with the necessary information to get into medical school and keep them up-to-date with the latest medical issues surrounding the journey from being a medical student to a practising doctor and beyond.

I studied Access to Medicine at The Manchester College, in Greater Manchester, and had an unsuccessful application to read medicine. I then started to work as a Clinical Support Worker in Neurosciences Division at an NHS Foundation Trust. Having gained an invaluable experience in secondary care, I finished the Foundation Course to Clinical Sciences/Medicine at the University of Bradford, in West Yorkshire.

This blog is founded with the hope that it would be of great help to share all the ups and downs of applying to medical schools as a non-traditional applicant. It is very challenging for a mature student to come back to education with the belief that one day he/she will be a practising doctor in a very rewarding post. The fact that one has to prepare for the right course requirements for medical school, get used to the various psychometric and academic tests (UKCAT, GAMSAT or BMAT), and gather the right healthcare experience with no guarantee that an offer for medical school would be on the table is a scary prospect that could put off many from pursuing the dream of being a medic. Perseverance and aiming for the long term dividends seem to be the ultimate weapon for success when it comes to winning a place at a medical school.

I would also want to give an insight into what a career in medicine entails, how we could assess our suitability for the profession and the various challenges along the way. In a nutshell, addressing all the issues related to this noble profession from what I read, observed, investigated, experienced and told about from people in the medical profession would be the main objective.

Your participation and insightful comments on the various posts is crucial to the success of this project and would as well acquaint those who want to read medicine, particularly from unprivileged walks of life, with the necessary tools. This includes providing the precise information necessary to succeed in all the processes (stages) of realising the dream of becoming a doctor. The contents of this blog are more of educational that they are in no way a substitute for the more rigorous and spot on information offered by admission tutors and medical practitioners.

The admin of this blog would only be responsible for the posts created but not for the contents of follow up comments by visitors.

Kind regards,

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