UKCAT Update – New Question Types for 2012

The UKCAT consortium has announced format changes for those sitting the UKCAT this summer.

Firstly the new format for Verbal Reasoning questions that was piloted last year has now been made part of the marked Verbal Reasoning section. There are now two standard formats for Verbal Reasoning questions, the original questions
that are answered “True”, “False” and “Can’t Tell” and the new format featuring four answer options/statements to choose from.

Secondly the non-cognitive analysis section which had previously been used has been replaced with a pilot section containing situational judgement questions (around 60 questions to be answered in 27 minutes). This also means that the test is longer than last year and the total testing time is now 120 minutes. The situational judgement section is being piloted at present it will not be released to universities for use in selection this year.

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One Response to UKCAT Update – New Question Types for 2012

  1. Ruthbug says:

    Interesting, do you know what the four new answer options for VR are?


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