Coffee raises miscarriage risk

Scientists find stronger evidence that caffeine ups miscarriage risk – even when consumed in moderation

It’s official, caffeine and pregnancy don’t mix – limit intake to less than four coffees a day, or risk a miscarriage.

Pregnant women are being warned to limit their caffeine intake or risk miscarriage, though previously health bodies recommended moderation.

Many pregnant women replace coffee with tea. But drinking in excess of six cups of tea can be just as risky. Taking more than 300 mg/day of caffeine is now strongly associated with low birth weight and miscarriage.

300 mg of caffeine is roughly equivalent to:

4 average cups or 3 average size mugs of instant coffee 3 average cups of brewed coffee 6 average cups of tea 8 cans of regular cola drinks 4 cans of so-called ‘energy’ drinks

The individual intakes are:

Average cup of instant coffee – 75 mg Average mug of instant coffee – 100 mg Average cup of brewed coffee – 100 mg Average cup of tea – 50 mg Regular cola drink – up to 40 mg Regular energy drink – up to 80 mg Normal bar of chocolate – up to 50 mg

If you are pregnant, calculate the amount of caffeine you are taking over the course of a day, and moderate it. Cold and flu remedies, and some painkillers also contain caffeine. The best strategy is to manage without coffee entirely for the duration of a preganancy. Decaffeinated tea and coffee taste much better than they used to, and the odd chocolate indulgence won’t do you any harm.

via BBC NEWS | Health | Coffee \’raises miscarriage risk\’.

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