Where can I study medicine?

According to medical schools slogan, “selection for medical school implies selection for the medical profession, and it aims to select those applicants with the potential to be the best doctors. Medical schools are guided by current thinking on what makes a good doctor; for example, The Role of the Doctor Consensus Statement and the latest Medical students: professional values and fitness to practise outline the unique combination of attributes and abilities that doctors require”.

On top of that, this list below highlights what all the universities in the country which offer medical training say about Access courses on their websites as of 2011. A general overview of the specific traditional entries can be read here.

University of Aberdeen Mature candidates who have successfully undertaken one of the following Access courses can also be considered for entry to Aberdeen, providing that an Honours degree achievement of less than 2:1 has not previously been undertaken:

  • Access to Medicine: The College of West Anglia. Candidates should be predicted to/achieve a “Distinction” grade (70% and above) in all subjects.
  • Access to Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy: Manchester College of Arts & Technology. Candidates should be predicted to/achieve Grade A or A* (70% or above) in all subjects excluding IT and achieve a “Pass” in IT.
  • Access to Medicine: Stow College, Glasgow. Candidates should be predicted to/achieve “Merit” grade (70% or above) in all subjects excluding IT and achieve a “Pass” in IT.
  • Access to Medicine Diplomas can only be offered by Mature applicants and cannot be offered as an ‘upgrade’ of inadequate school leaving qualifications.

University of Birmingham The School welcomes applications from mature candidates, but will take account of the length of undergraduate and postgraduate training which has to be undertaken.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School Access to Medicine courses are aimed at mature students who would like to apply to medicine but have not got the relevant subject knowledge. Please be aware that if you already have a strong science background (i.e. you have a Pharmacy degree but only achieved a 2:2) you will not be eligible for this course. They are also not aimed at students who have recently finished school and have other options, such as the graduate route, available to them. Places on Access to Medicine courses are competitive, but course that we recommend are and which we have had successful applications from are: Sussex Downs College Lewes; West Anglia College, Norwich and Stow College, Glasgow. If you are thinking of commencing a similar course, please let the admissions office know before you apply as it may not be suitable to get onto our 5 year medical degree. They name us on their website and specify that they have taken our students in the past.

University of Bristol We will consider the Access to Medicine HE Diploma or one-year full-time science foundation programmes from UK Higher Education Institutions, for entry onto the 6-year premedical programme. For the diploma, the entry requirement is 12 units at Distinction and 21 units at Merit. For a science foundation programme, the entry requirement for this would be a 70% pass mark with a distinction overall. Any qualifications achieved in the 5 years before the Access course commenced will be taken into consideration and must meet entry requirements.

University of Cambridge Certain Access and Open University courses may meet the GCSE and/or A level requirements, in whole or part. You should discuss any courses you’ve taken or are considering taking with an Admissions Tutor.

University of Wales, Cardiff Mature students who are pursuing a QAA Recognised Science Access course or Access to Medicine course will be considered on an individual basis for entry to the Foundation Year Medicine (six year) scheme of study (A104). This entry qualification is considered acceptable for those applicants who were unable, e.g. for personal reasons, to continue their formal education at school or college post-16. It is not an acceptable qualification for applicants who have sat, but failed to achieve, the necessary grades at GCE A2 Level, BTEC qualifications, degrees, etc. There are approximately 16 places available on the Foundation Year scheme and typically 3 – 4 of these may be taken by Access students.

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  1. Dag says:

    Excellent application resource, must have taken a while to collect the entry requirements.


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