Medical School GCSE Requirements

Increasingly medical schools are asking for good GCSE qualifications in Maths and English so this is a consideration in their selection procedures. Medical schools like Birmingham do require applicants to have the minimum GCSE requirement of ‘8A*s’ to read medicine. For mature students, Manchester medical school only looks for GCSE ‘B’ in Maths and English and all distinctions in the access to medicine course while Kings College London does not even ask GCSE.

According to Cumbria and Lancashire Medical and Dental Consortium, the non-UKCAT institution Liverpool medical school (and that of Lancaster under it) have introduced the need to have 5 GCSEs for mature students as of 2011. Applicants offering non-traditional qualifications are assessed on an individual basis. However applicants offering an qualification should usually: Offer a minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade B or higher (or equivalent). These must include English, Maths and Science (either Core & Additional or separate Biology/Chemistry/Physics). The qualifications should preferably be achieved at one sitting. And the required level (usually distinction or equivalent) in the approved Access to Medicine course.

For a more general understanding of the GCSE requirements of the various medical schools, I would recommend reading Medical School GCSE Requirements.

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